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We build amazing websites around your goals, your brand, and your budget.  Find out what we can do to simplify your workflow and increase revenue.

An effective website makes a huge impact on a small business

Your website should be unique to your company and shouldn’t require trying to fulfill your needs by cramming them into a cookie-cutter website template. Our builds are easy to navigate, visually stunning, and work on all devices. We also design with a clear objective in mind, which is how to turn your visitor into a customer.

A website should be an extension to your business, one that automates tasks while generating fresh new leads, while catering to your existing clients and customers.  How much potential revenue are you losing from your current, outdated website?


Our process


1. Discovery & Strategy

We're going to be asking questions and collaborating a lot together.  This is YOUR website that represents your brand and your business and your involvement is important.  During this phase we're not just going to learn more about your business and its goals, but we're going to dig deep into your industry and your competitors.  This is all part of developing a strategic plan to help you reach your goals.


2. Design Phase

Our team will take the strategy we've developed during the discovery phase and start designing a user interface around it and your goals.  We're going to accent your brand and get creative in how we acknowledge your audience and turn visitors into leads.

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3. Development Phase

Once the design is approved by you we'll start development, taking the initial design and making it functional.  This is where we start adding features and you see the design come to life.  This is where things start to get really interesting as you see the features we've come up with in the discovery become more than a conversation.

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4. Responsive/Mobile Phase

After we've completed the functionality of the website we go through it all and structure it to work on all devices.  Having a mobile-friendly website isn't an option in 2019 and is a ranking factor for search engines such as Google.  The user experience on all devices will be covered in this phase of the project.

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5. Prepare for Launch

After extensive testing, we launch your site and make it live to the world.  It's now time for you to tell your clients and friends, share on social media, and yell from the hilltops and let everyone know that your new site is live.  Drive traffic to your new site and start generating leads.


6. On-going Support

Our relationship doesn't end after launch.  By taking one of our Care Plans, we'll host, manage, and maintain your website so you don't have to.  Our team is even available for content changes such as updating colors, images, and other content.

Save time and drive sales

It's time to take your website to the next level.  You don't want just any website, but one that is going to make an impact.  Get a website from Cloud Nine Web Design and together we'll develop a strategy that saves you time and generates leads.  What are you waiting for?  The time is now!

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