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Who is Cloud Nine?

We're a creative web design and strategy agency out of Morris, IL (about 45 minutes from Chicago) working exclusively with small businesses and non-profits.  Because a small business is what we are and that's who we want to work with.


There's a divide between the marketing available to large corporations and small businesses.  Although there are many options for small businesses to choose from, none of them ever really feel like they're designed to fit your business.  Just another cookie-cutter website or marketing tactic.


We're changing the game up, by giving 'small businesses' the opportunity to have the tools they need to grow and utilize the Internet without the burden of overpriced services designed to target their bigger competitors, or settling for a 'one product fits all' solution.

Why our approach works?

We believe that although Web Design should be beautiful, it's more about the strategy than anything.  Without a strategy, a pretty website is just that and you'll be left paying a bill without a plan to generate revenue.


To be successful a website needs:

  1. Traffic:  How are you attracting visitors/customers?
  2. Conversion:  How are you converting visitors into leads?
  3. Nurturing:  How to stay on those leads radar and convert them to customers.

Our Process


We’re going to dig real deep and find out exactly what you need and what you’re trying to achieve with your new website. 


We’ll structure a sitemap and visually present it, so we all know we’re on the same path and headed to the same goal.


With the plan in place using the roadmap and discovery we can now produce the layout. This is going to give you a simple idea of how the site will function. 


This is where the excitement starts to happen.  We’re going to take the sitemap (roadmap) and the layout, and turn them into something beautiful! See, you’re getting excited already!

Prepare for launch

During this final phase of the project, we’re going to spend some time kicking the tires, trying to break it, and put it back together again to so that your beautiful new website functions just as beautiful. 

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